Below you will find pictures and descriptions of the hog dog gear we make.  We know our gear works because we have used it every weekend for years.  Please use the measurement guide to properly measure your dog for a perfect fit.

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Below are two of TX Confederate Kennel's dogs, Lincoln and Tonka, holding a hog at bay.  Both dogs are wearing cut vests made here at TX Confederate Kennel. 

Below are two pictures of Sissy and Banjo wearing cut vests and cut collars made by TX Confederate Kennel.  Sissy and Banjo are owned by Jesse and Jeri Garcia of Flat Broke Kennel in Sour Lake, Texas.

Universal III Camo
Pink & Silver
Cut Vest

Cut Vests are made to give your dog some protection when hunting wild boar.  They are three layers thick and go completely around the dog.  They fasten with Velcro and three snap buckles making it easy to put on your dog.  They are available in black (shown), brown (shown), yellow (shown), woodland camo, universal III camo (shown), pink (shown), green (shown), orange, red, and silver.  I can also make the cut vest two tone like the pink & silver (shown).  Two tones that are available include any of the listed colors with black, pink & silver, camo & orange, yellow & green, and red & green.  Please use the measurement guide at the bottom of this page to measure your dog.

Cut vests can even be made to fit the toy breed (see picture on the Our Friends page).


Cut Vest…….$65.00

Catch Dog Vest......No longer available.

Catch Dog Vests are made of three layers of ballistic nylon with a protective layer of leather over the chest, belly, and ribs.  They are tough, work well, and the dog can move.

Cut Collars

Cut Collars are made to give your dog some protection when hunting wild boar.  They are four layers thick plus a layer of webbing and are very soft.  They fasten with Velcro and two buckles.  They are available in black, brown, woodland camo, universal III camo, yellow, green, and silver and come in three widths.  Please use measurement guide at bottom of page to measure your dog's neck for a cut collar. 


3" Wide Cut Collars……..$20.00

4" Wide Cut Collars.........$25.00

5" Wide Cut Collars........$30.00

Name plates are also available!! Please see the dog collars page for more details on name plates.

Leads & Other Hog Hunting Items

Cable leads....$15.00 (approx. 5' with a snap on each end of cable)
Cable/Chain leads......$15.00 (approx. 5' with snap on each end, handle and half of lead is cable, approx. 2 1/2' is chain)
Nylon/Chain leads........$15.00 (appox. 5' with snap on each end, handle is nylon and available in a variety of colors)
Fairway......$10.00 (allows you to lead two dogs with one lead, can be made with chain, nylon, or cable)

Hog Hobbles.....................$18.00 (these are made of one inch wide nylon webbing & are easy to use) 

We also offer:
Staple gun.......$23.00 (disposable, with 35 wide staples in each gun)

For more information on these items please email me.

Neck size = Point A all the way around dog’s neck as indicated by green line.

Chest size = Point C all the way around dog’s chest as indicated by blue line.

Neck/Tail = Point A to Point B indicated by orange line.

Flank area = Point D all the way around the dog's flank or withers as indicated by the brown line.

Please include the dog's exact weight do not guess.

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