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TX Confederate Kennel Order Form


Working Dog Collars 1 ½” Wide or Webbing Collars 2" Wide

  Quantity, Color, Neck Size, Collar Size, Price


Colors Available for Leather Working Dog Collars: Black, Brown, Tan, Chocolate, Red, British Tan (availablibility of colors may change).  Colors Available for Webbing Collars: Red, Hunter Green, Kelly Green, Yellow, Silver, Blue, Purple, Camo, and other colors may be available.

  Leather Harnesses

Qty, Color, Neck Size, Chest Size, Back, Head, Price, Breed

Colors Available: Black or Brown.

 Winter Jackets

  Qty, Color, Neck Size, Chest Size, Neck/Tail, Neck/mid-back, Price, Breed

Colors Available: Blue, Red, Green   Please note breed of dog jacket is for.  See measuring guide for details on how to measure for your dog’s jacket.

 Cut Vests

  Qty, Color, Neck Size, Chest Size, Neck/Tail, Flank area, Price, Breed & Weight


Colors Available: Black, Brown, Yellow, Universal III Camo, Woodland Camo, Hot Pink, Lime Green. 

 Cut Collars

  Quantity, Color, Neck Size, Collar Size, Price

           3   4   5  

Colors Available: Same as cut vests.

 Weight Pull Harness

  Quantity, Color, Neck Size, Length of dog, Weight, Breed, Price

 Colors Available: Red, Hunter Green, Kelly Green, Yellow, Silver, Blue, Purple, White, Beige, and other colors may be available.


   Qty, Type, Price
   (full cable, half cable/half chain, chain w/nylon handle)   





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                                                                          590 County Rd. 4810

Address:______________________                Warren, Tx. 77664       


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                                                                       Shipping & handling...$__________

Phone:________________________                Total.........................$_________

                                                                         Thank You for your order!!