We would like to give a special thanks to our best friends Tommy and Lynda Mills for helping us start this line of dogs.  If it were not for them and their outstanding dogs we would not have the winning dogs we have today.  Pictured below is Tommy Mills and his dog Muddy River's Peanut.

Red and her owner, William Johnson, are pictured above. Red is the daughter of TX Confederate's Trailer Trash and Lincoln. She is making an awesome bay dog and a great companion. We are proud to say that she came from our kennel.
Taz (Owned by the Viator family in Spurger)
Jake is proudly wearing a cut vest and cut collar from TX Confederate Kennel while waiting for his turn to go into the bay pen. He is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Stark of Hull, Texas.
Luna showing her strength
Jaeger from Florida is digging in.