Below you will find pictures of weight pull harnesses.  Please use the measurement guide to properly measure your dog for a perfect fit.

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Below is a picture of Jaeger owned by Carla Ann of Florida.  Jaeger is wearing a pull harness made by TX Confederate Kennel.

Below is a picture of Azul owned by Eric O'Keefe from Quebec, Canada.  Azul is wearing a pull harness made by TX Confederate Kennel.

Weight Pull Harnesses


Weight pull harnesses are made with 2” black webbing with a 1” strip of colored webbing down the middle.  1” colors that are available are Red, Yellow, Orange, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Turquoise, Pink, Silver, Beige, Black, White, Gold, Purple, Lavander, and Maroon.  Other colors may be available just ask.  Some of the colors are shown below.  I can also make harnesses in multiple colors (please see pictures below).  Harnesses are fur lined and have foam padded neck and include a spread bar.  Please note that the harnesses up to 30 lbs have a fur neck lining instead of foam.

Prices are based on actual weight of dog and are as follows:

Up to 30 lbs………$65.00

30 to 50 lbs……….$70.00

51 to 70 lbs……….$75.00

71 to 90 lbs……….$80.00

91 to 125 lbs……...$85.00

126 to 150 lbs…….$90.00

151 lbs & up……...$95.00


Please use this guide for measuring for a pull harness.

Neck size = Point A all the way around the base of the dog's neck as indicated by the green line.

Length = Start at Point B at the top of the breast bone go between the front legs then along the side of the dog to the back of the hind leg at Point C as indicated by the orange line.

Please include the dog's breed and exact weight. Do not guess at weight.

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