Cut Vest, Weight Pull Harnesses, Nylon Collars

Squeal Hill's Zero

Cut vests, pull harnesses, and collars are made heavy duty and work well. Our cut vests are made to fit the dog properly everywhere. The cut vest is not a one size fits all vest. We require measurements for a proper fit to offer maximum protection for your dog. These cut vest are made of 3 layers of ballistic nylon. We don’t just make cut vest, we have been using them every weekend for years.

Our weight pull harnesses are constructed from two inch webbing and hand stitched for extra strength. These pull harnesses come with lots of padding for your dog’s comfort while pulling. We take some of the pain out of the gain. Pull harnesses also add a lot of fun to family outdoor activities.

Our cut vests, pull harnesses, and collars set the standard for any custom made product people should sell. We put a lot of time and pride into everything we make here at TX Confederate Kennel. Please use the links to view the dog supplies we offer.

We do not have a shop and most things are made as we get orders. Our supplies are available over the internet. Please note that because of the way I work, in most cases you will get your items faster if I ship them to you rather than you coming to my home to pick them up. When e-mailing us please include your name, where you live, and how you found our website. Thanks for visiting.